Feb 17, 2008

Turkey pomegranate salad

The memories of Aai's (my maternal grandmother) backyard filled with trees laden with green and red fruits and Aai seperating the fruits' arils from the skin and serving us for breakfast, the red shiny arils resembling small glistening rubies are still fresh in my mind. Her trick of separating the arils from the skin was to dip in a bowl of water while separating them. You guessed right....I am talking about Pomegranate.

Pomegranate juice is a great thirst quencher and has a refreshing and soothing taste. It is widely used as a table fruit, in salads, to marinate meat, as a garnish and toppings, as juice and also used to make high quality wine. This fruit represents fertility and marriage in the middle east countries and considered as auspicious by the Chinese as they believe it wards off evil. Pomegranate is also called the heart's tonic and is held in high esteem for its medicinal properties. More information regarding this delicious fruit can be known from here.

Today I am posting an exotic turkey pomegranate salad and this is my entry for AFAM-Pomegranate hosted by Sra of When my soup came alive and started by Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual.This is my first participation in a food event in the blogosphere. The recipe is adapted from The Thanksgiving book by Jerome agel and Jason shulman and is also available here.


  1. Saswati, this looks truly tempting - and sweet and juicy. Is that how it tastes? Thanks for the entry.

  2. Saswati, thanks for dropping by my space...you've got a nice corner here , yourself...do keep in touch :-)

  3. yes sra it is juicy and sweet..thanx for dropping by

    thanx sunita...a praise from you ,such an experienced blogger and amazing cook...i am so happy.

  4. The salade looks really crubchy abd refreshing

  5. Salad looks so colorful and tasty! Nice entry, girl! :)

  6. i love this Saswati. really cool!!



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