Jan 31, 2008

From necessity to passion

A decade! Yes! We completed ten years of our marriage this January. Time has just flown past. These ten years of my life as a defence officer’s wife has been a rollercoaster ride, full of new experiences, joys, fun, chaos, challenges, efforts, delights, gratitude, some blissful and some truly heartrending moments which will be etched in my mind forever.

My battle in the cooking arena started ten years ago when as a service officer’s wife I had to entertain guests, arrange parties and get togethers at the blink of an eye where food was one of the essential ingredients. I cannot remember exactly when my wrestling with cooking transformed into a bonding unknown and I gravitated towards it and started enjoying the whole process.

Today after all those struggling years I can congratulate myself on creating a crowd pleasing and appetizing meal without panicking. To take the credit alone would be a selfish act on my part.

None of us has gotten where we are solely by

Pulling ourselves up from our bootstraps.

We got here because somebody

Bent down and helped us.

Thurgood Marshall

My hearfelt thanks goes to my aai (maternal grandmother) from whom I inherited my culinary genes, my mom with whom I have spent hours on the phone asking recipes, my mom in law who is an amazing cook and has helped me out with all my goof ups. The inspiration and the confidence of entering the blogosphere comes from my significant half’s insatiable hunger for good food, my little daughter for whom I am the best cook in the world and my friends who believe in my culinary skills.

This blog is basically a wall where I can share with the world my innovations, explorations and adventures in my kitchen, my favourite haunt. My blog will concentrate on various cuisines Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese and so on. The recipes I will blog about are a collection raided from my family’s and friends’ kitchens, adapted from various cookbooks, the internet and of course my own tried and tested creations too. So please do leave your inputs and feedbacks and share your views regarding the recipes in my blog and help me carve a corner for myself in the blogosphere.
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