Mar 9, 2010

Corn and mushroom on toast and a loss of a dear friend

Has been a miserable week for all of us!

A pall of gloom has set in here in the naval base since the last six days after we lost two of our best fighter pilots in an air crash while performing a spectacular aerobatic display in Hyderabad.One of them was a dear friend of ours,it's difficult for us to believe that he is no more amongst us.

As fighter pilots' wives our brains have been mechanized to come to terms with the fears of the unspoken .We wives live in the everpresent shadow of potential loss.But still the pride and patriotism takes a backseat when an incident like this jolts us out of the blue and an inner fear grips our heart and the Big Question pops up "who next"??

Death is inevitable ,permanent,universal,and cannot be reversed.Just understanding this helps a lot to deal with the loss.But when someone important to us dies,it feels comforting to think magical things like"he is on a secret mission and will be back soon".To be honest I am sad ,angry and frightened.
My dear friend,the deceased's better half is in agony,devastated,struggling to cope with her loved one's loss.She needs our love and support more than ever.God give the ladies enough strength to overcome the pain and grief they are going through during this juncture.That's all I can wish now.The officers were perfect gentlemen,the country's best pilots,great human beings.Their untimely death is a huge loss to the country,to the armed forces, to their family and friends.May their souls rest in peace!

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I feel much light now,I had this knot kind of a feeling in my heart.Sharing my thoughts with you all
has given me a little respite from my inner turmoil.Just jotting down your feelings does help a lot.
My recipe today is mushroom and corn on toast.A very easy to prepare filling snack.I prepare this mostly for breakfast or for dinner with a clear soup in tow.The recipe here caters for two.

You will need:

Bread slices -4 toasted to your taste and buttered
Button Mushrooms-7-8 medium sized ones,sliced thinly
Tinned sweet corn -1/2 of a small tin
Spring onion -2 onions with the greens,chopped fine
All purpose flour -1 tbsp
Milk -3/4 cup
Cream - 1 tbsp
Oregano -1/2 tsp
Olive oil -1 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Take 1/2 tsp olive oil in a pan.Saute the sliced mushrooms for 2-3 minutes or till golden.Keep it aside.
  2. In the same pan fry the whites of the spring onions till transparent in 1/2 a tsp oil.
  3. Add the flour and fry till light brown .
  4. Add the milk stirring continuously so that no lumps remain in the white sauce.Stir in a low flame till you attain a saucy consistency.
  5. Add the sauteed mushrooms,sweet corn,the spring onion greens,cream and the seasonings.
  6. Remove from fire before it gives a boil .Spread the sauce on buttered toasts ,sprinkle some oregano and serve.
When I run out of spring onions,I flavour the sauce with a little garlic and onions(the pink ones).

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