Apr 9, 2008

Mixed dal or protein dosa

Dosa I am sure is an universal favourite, an authentic, south indian crepe or pancake which is served either plain or with a variety of delicious fillings.Its normally served with a bowl of tart sambhar and spicy chutneys.

During the initial years of my cooking experimentations I had a huge mental block for making dosas.All the processes involved like soaking,grinding,fermenting made it look like an uphill task for me.But my family's love for dosas won and today after all these years the dosa making process seems a miniscule project :)

There was a time when continuously for two months dosa was not made in my kitchen...can you guess the reason why?I forgot to soak the dal and rice every single night for two months :P can you believe this?That is when i felt the need to maintain a to-do list and started scheduling errands and tasks....that was the most productive way to complete them.This forgetfulness bug entered my mind when Mishti was few months old and I had to deal with a cluttered house, a never ending sleep deprivation,the e mails I needed to write,the phone calls I needed to return and top of that my hubby was out sailing in deep seas.I could barely remember the date or day,felt as if my brains were turning to mush,something which was entirely out of my control.During those hard times the simplicity of to- do lists made a tremendous difference in my upside down life.Oops! where is this leading to....from dosas to to-do list!

Back to those yummy crispy dosas.....this protein packed mixed dal dosa is one of my friend Chitraa's recipe who belongs to Kerala.Since the day I had it at her place it has been a regular in my kitchen too.This dosa is more or less like Adai ,the only difference is that this recipe has more rice and needs fermenting.

This mixed dal dosa goes to Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons for her Dosa mela.

You need:
1/4 cup tuvar dal or toor dal( pigeon peas)
1/4 cup urad dal(split black gram)
1/4 cup yellow moong dal(split green gram)
1/4 cup channa dal(yellow gram)
1 cup raw rice
1 cup boiled rice
5-6 black pepper
2-3 dry red chillies
a pinch hing(asofoetida)
1/2 tsp turmeric pwdr
1/4 cup oil or ghee(clarified butter)
salt to taste


1.Soak the dals (pulses) and rice in 2 seperate vessels for 5-6 hrs or overnight.Soak the red chillies and the whole black pepper with the dals.
2.Grind the soaked dal and rice the next day,add salt ,mix thoroughly and keep it in a warm place for 4-5 hrs so that the mixture ferments nicely.
3.Before making dosas add the asofoetida and turmeric pwdr and mix nicely. The hing or asofoetida helps in avoiding gases which normally attack because of the dals.
4. For making dosas the step by step recipe is here.
5.Serve the dosas with a chutney of your choice.
The chutneys in the plate have been adapted from the talented Sailu's kitchen.... tomato chutney and coriander curd chutney. She has a plethora of delicious Andhra delights in her blog.


  1. I love the idea of grinding the chillies and peppercorns right into the batter! Your dosas look absolutely mouthwatering :)

  2. I love dosa especially if it is not made by me.

  3. hey saswati, i loved this protein rich dosa :)its new to me!

  4. Lovely!Wish I could make such nice dosas. Both me and Dinesh love them a lot but I'm too intimadated to try...hmmm, maybe it's time to give it a go :-)

  5. It all looks fab. btw, I got a very similar recipe from a neighbor too, and it works like a charm. Oh, and you might also like Sailu's kothmira allum chutney - one of my all time favorites.

  6. Hi, first time here on your blog, dosa looks crispy and great :))

    Plz do visit @

  7. Hi, first time here on your blog, dosa looks crispy and great :))

    Plz do visit @

  8. that looks yummy :). i am a big dosa fan . you really spiced it up by adding chilli and mixed dals...
    nice entry :)

  9. perfect dosa, saswati! looks yummy!

  10. Protein packed and perfectly crispy. Nice one, Saswati! :)

  11. Dosas look wonderful, Saswati. Packed with proteins too.

  12. Those dosa sound pretty tasty even without filling. Bookmarked as I have never tried a dosa.

  13. That is a lovely recipe, Saswati. I'm going to bookmark to try. I hope you enjoyed the accompaniments to the dosa.:)

  14. Thanx Nupur...the grinding of redchillies and pepper does impart a nice taste to the dosa

    Happy cook same here...i ask my hubby to make for me:P

    Thanks Nags and Anjali

    Thanx Sunita do try out and let me know

    Thank you ET...i will try out the alum chutney

    Thank you Madhavi...i will surely visit yours:)

  15. Thanx Pooja:)yes it was spicy and nice.

    Thankx Uma and Kalai and Meera:)

    Kevin do try this out...its awesome

    Sailaja thanks and yes the chutneys were great:)

  16. Saswati, what a fantastic recipe u have posted. Excellect snack for the kids.I have bookmarked it . Great postings !!!!!! and a lovely picture.


  17. that looks fabulous - gonna try the bit about grinding the spices into the batter.

  18. Oh my that looks so delicious!! A great sounding recipe - thanks for sharing with us :)

    Rosie x

  19. I love this dosa.. loved the snaps..

  20. ur dosa looks so good, Saswati! for a min i thot u were writing my story, i too had a mental block @ dosas long back, now I love to make 'em often :)

  21. This is a really healthy dosa indeed with all those different dals. I am sure they bring great complexity and flavor to the recipe, Saswati. And I can completely empathize with the difficulties of remembering to soak ingredients for dosa...it's the only reason why I don't end up making them as often as I'd love to.

  22. It is absolutely delicious ur dosa.

  23. Wow....these looks absolutely delicious!!! Nice pics too :)


  24. very healthy dosas saswathi

  25. wow..looks delicious.Nice entry

  26. With much dals will taste it wonderful!

  27. Adai types isnt it :) The pics luks so pro, like how they serve in restaurants..way to go girl :)

    And here's the reply to your yeast query: Hope it helps :)

    one pkt has 1/4 OZ which makes it approx 2 1/4 tsp.if u have the same..then go for it..or u can measure out the spoons and use them..even if u have 2 tsp, it shud suffice.



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