Mar 21, 2008

A meme and Happy Holi

I had been tagged nearly a month back by Sra to write a meme and before I could write it Meera tagged me again.So finally I am gingerly taking a step forward to jot down some revelations or character assassination of my own self( I am being ridiculous,i know that) so that you get a picture of me in your mind's eye.I personally feel meme is a wonderful oppurtunity to tell friends whom you have never met who you are and let them conjure up an image of me.Meera I will surely write down a second meme but let me first do justice to my first one.

Well, I am a 31 yr old ,5 ft 6",average looking girl( thats what I consider myself,am dead scared of calling myself a lady!) with shoulder length hair,slim built and love to keep myself fit and well groomed.Nature wise I am an absolutely home and family loving person who loves to take care, organize and run the house like a perfectly well oiled machine.
My world revolves around my most prized 6 yr old daughter Mishti ,my honey bear who gave me the most magical moments of my life....the joys of motherhood ,with an unspoken promise to love her absolutely and the vow to protect her forever,don't care about the terrible twos that has gone or the teenage tantrums that comes my way.
I am married to a defence officer,a naval fighter pilot by profession ,an incredibly understanding, encouraging individual with a truckload of patience and an amazing father.His fearless,daring, never say die attitude and his gentlemanly spirit had swept me off my feet and captivates my heart.
Places I have stayed.....
1.Rourkela,the steel city of Orissa,the place where I was born and brought up,always dear to my heart.
2.Chabua air Force stn,Assam,my first place after marriage where my hubby was posted ,will always treasure those beautiful memories with the scenic,naive,untouched beauty of the land of the one horned rhinoceros.I have never seen such clear blue skies and the pure sparkling water of the winding streams.
3.Goa,planning to settle there as the laid back place is more like home now with 6 yrs of being posted there.
4.Mumbai...though a short posting but was enough for me to scour the city for my shopping expeditions:)
5.Bangalore,2 yrs and I wanted to run back to Goa,was saddened the way population and pollution is overpowering the garden city.
6.Vizag,though a small city has something very welcoming about it...has a plethora of eating joints with a crowd pleasing and appetizing menu.
7.Moscow...the awe inspiring capital...still discovering .....
Jobs I have done.....
1.Have worked as an english news reader for the rourkela TV channel f0r 4 years during my college days.My mom had persuasively urged me into it as she wanted me to be more extrovert and outgoing and that did help me to shed my inhibitions and become more camera friendly.
2.My second job was as a travel consultant...took up this job to put to use my air ticketing career skills.With my hubby sailing out constantly ,the tension of my significant half flying somewhere over the deep seas, the work pressure and my little one getting neglected kept nagging until the guilty working mother's heart couldn't take it anymore.
Foods I love...
I love all kinds of cuisines but no comparison to an authentic oriya thali that i have been brought up eating.Apart from that, chocolates makes me go weak in the knees,and then comes the ubiquitous Pani puri or the puchka or Gupchup..yes in orissa it's called gupchup.the actual joy of eating panipuri is with friends all standing with a dried palm leaf bowl surrounding the panipuri wallah and coaxing him to put more salt or chilli in the mixture and not forgetting the streak of sour tamarind water escaping from your mouth when you try to put the whole thing inside.oh what pleasure!sigh!
I have hydrophobia...noooo please don't think otherwise...I do take a bath everyday:)Just a look at the sea soothes and calms me but somewhere deep inside the fear of drowning does lurk so much that putting the head under the shower also chokes me out of breath.Well ,so now you know..I cannot swim:(
Love doing embroidery basically more of cross creations adorn most walls of my house,specially Mishti's room.I had started making panels for her room and had embroidered her name on it two years before she was born...strange isn't it...well I was so sure I would have a daughter:)
Both my parents being science professors had always aspired for their children to become future engineers or doctors.My inclination for Shakespeare and Jane Austen never made me excel in science and I landed up as a literature student and till date the thought of not fulfilling my parents' dreams haunts me to the core.
I think I have talked a lot about myself,thanks a bunch for bearing with me and reading about me.Hope you enjoyed the meme.I would like to tag Shibani of Any one can cook,Rachel of Tangerine's kitchen,TBC of The budding cook,Dhivya of Dhivya's Kitchen.Its all up to them to accept it or not.
A very happy Holi to all of you!!

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